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Support UNICEF Moselle during my Metz Marathon 08.10

par Steven Jabbour

830 €

collectés sur 1 000 €





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Next 8th of October i will participate to my 3rd Metz Marathon but first one under UNICEF colors. i wish every child could have same chance i got to eat, grow, learn, travel and have fun. For about 6 years i'm dad of a little minx, it has raised since then my concerns about children education and conditions in any region or country. Give every child a fair chance ALL CHILDREN HAVE A RIGHT TO SURVIVE, THRIVE AND FULFILL THEIR POTENTIAL – TO THE BENEFIT OF A BETTER WORLD. For 70 years, UNICEF has worked to improve the lives of children and their families. Despite remarkable challenges around the world, UNICEF staffers fight for the rights of every child seeking safe shelter, nutrition, protection from disaster and conflicts, and equality.

Quel est votre objectif ?
My objective is to raised maximum money in order to help children through UNICEF association. Any donation is welcome and will be use at best

Quelque chose à ajouter ? Une anecdote à partager ?
If i reach more than 1000 euros, i promise to bring you a nice breakfast on Monday if i can still walk :)
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Peter Akers

20 €


valerie voisin

150 €


Charles Maes (SIM Lux Charity Committee )

500 €


Jabbour Steven

120 €


Colin Parsons

20 €


Tomislav Babic

20 €

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